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      Satisfaction (Hedonist)

      Satisfaction (Hedonist)

      Trip Lee

      Album: Southern

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      Trip Lee - Satisfaction (Hedonist) Música y Letra

      [Verse 1:]
      They amazed at how we living for Him bro, they tripping when we show
      That He's so superior that's why we pick Him over dough
      We don't need anything in addition to Him bro
      He's sufficient for us Christians if you with Him then you know
      That's why we hedonists, you need to listen to the flow
      On top of the beat and rhythm, we forgiven so we go
      In pursuit of He who's risen the beginning of it bro
      He's the gem the streets are missing but we get Him that's fa sho
      That's too great, we too glad to have Him
      The true facts, dude that's true satisfaction
      Dudes ask, why you chase Christ instead of status?
      Because He's steady plus what I'm getting is everlasting
      We used to chase after dimes, that was great they was fine
      In the face, in the waist, the mistake we was trying
      To find true pleasure minus faith in the divine
      We was lying to ourselves, now we chasing the vine
      Them cats they try to gain but they won't be
      Satisfied with the gain that they gon see
      Them cats should try to seek Him cause I know the Lord
      Satisfies beyond anything we'd hope for
      [Verse 2:]
      The motto of the culture is touch me and tease me, rush to the easy
      Things that seem pleasing like lust and the breezies
      Seek the plush, eat it up, I would feed me
      But it wasn't much plus it would flee me
      So I changed what I was chasing it switched from chicks
      To the King He replaced em
      Now I hit the script to embrace Him I'm changing
      Sins seem less appealing when I get the real thing
      I race to erase them
      Forget about the cash, not simply because not a cent of it will last
      But it's missing what He has
      It's trivial if it's mission isn't living with my dad
      Getting intimate with Him living for Him instead of trash
      Now I'm driven by the fact as I strive to win
      That He's glorified in me when I'm satisfied in Him
      If I miss it then that's wack keep my eyes on Him
      And I get it on the track I run hard to Him
      [Verse 3:]
      Now my life is the pursuit, of delighting in His truth
      In His person, His works yeah I'm fighting for this fruit
      Of His light in my life it's me striving to be like Him
      Remember Him like the Titans, I'm dying to be renewed
      Don't get it twisted like I am the reason to
      Run forward to the throne, no the lion is in my view
      He's shown to be glorious, when shown to be more to us
      Than anything in sight pray our idols will be removed
      It doesn't show the Lord's beauty, when I treat Him as duty
      A God who doesn't truly, inside please or move me
      So I reach for the truth He's my God a precious ruby
      More entertaining than movies, greater than chasing hoochies
      And when I forget I gotta take in the view we
      Dive in His Word just to gaze at His beauty
      And I really hope guys get the picture
      True satisfactions in the God of the scriptures
      Say I'm a hedonist I seek my pleasure
      Not in sex nope He's much better
      Not in wealth nah He's my treasure
      Pursuing anything else will just upset you
      Say I'm a hedonist I seek my pleasure
      Not in sex nope He's much better
      Not in wealth nah He's my treasure
      My King offers me satisfaction beyond measure

      Trip Lee - Satisfaction (Hedonist) Música y Letra





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