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      Cryin' Out

      Cryin' Out

      Trip Lee

      Album: If They Only Knew

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      Trip Lee - Cryin' Out Música y Letra

      [Verse 1:]
      I still remember when I first started living this thing
      And you gave me the grace to make the right decision to change
      My whole lifestyle was flipped most thought the kid was insane
      Even those close to me my homies wasn't feeling it mayne
      But still I wanted some more, I wanted to know this infinite King
      You restored my heart and your glory started to stick in my brain
      I couldn't get enough of your scripture I was simply amazed
      By Acts, Galatians, Revelation, 1 Corinthians, James
      I couldn't fathom something would happen to make me stray away
      I couldn't imagine leaving my Dad that took me from my playa ways
      Who rescued me from the storm, all those gray and rainy days
      The one with that amazing grace, the same one who gave me faith
      But recently it seems to me that passion is fading
      It's almost like I forgot my Holy Dad was amazing
      And without noticing your Word, I started reading it less
      Yeah I'm alive, but it feels like I'm just breathing to death
      I'm Cryin' Out!
      [Hook: x2]
      I'm crying out 'cause I'm weak and unworthy
      Lord Jesus it hurts me, I'm in need of your mercy
      Would you please come and restore me
      To the servant I used to be
      When I was just seeking your glory and was content with you and me
      I'm cryin out
      [Verse 2:]
      After you snatched you up I saw that life without you wasn't life
      You couldn't pay me a million bucks to go back to shunning Christ
      I'd tell my boys the joy of living abundant life
      Read ya sword seek the Lord I'd tell em to run to Christ
      But my desires much less, it's clear that I am such a mess
      My life crumbles now I stumble and I am deserving death
      At first it was just not reading but now it's leading to sin
      And it's been so long I wonder if I'll see you again
      And the sin makes it even harder for your grace change my heart up
      Each breath I take is hard the separations getting farther
      I'm scared to pray unto my father 'cause I feel unworthy
      To seek His face I didn't bother, yeah it makes me wanna holler
      Cause everything I've known seems to be fading away
      This thing is crazy I pray that you'd erase it today
      And I know can't just sit idle and wait for you to do it
      But I don't know what do I'm crying as I'm going through it
      I'm Cryin Out!
      [Verse 3:]
      Now it's getting even worse cause my sin doesn't even hurt me as much
      Why would I leave my first love I used to thirst for your touch
      For your direction of my life I loved your glorious throne
      I'd put myself in the back seat and seek your glory alone
      But now because I love it less I'm becoming morally wrong
      I may look the same to all the others but Lord you notice I'm gone
      You know I long to come back I miss that peace I used to feel
      When I'd reap pray unceasingly and read what you've revealed
      But I'm not plus I got a minor depression that I'm hating
      To learn a lesson now I'm waiting I'm starting to question my salvation
      I'm nothing, I'm dirt I need something to work
      So I'll try the only thing that does I gotta jump in ya Word
      And maybe if I read I'll be able to recapture
      The things that made fall in love with Jesus, King and Master
      I know it'll be a struggle but I gotta fight hard
      To delight in the Christ who saved me like lifeguards
      I'm Cryin Out!

      Trip Lee - Cryin' Out Música y Letra





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