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      Trip Lee

      Album: 20 20

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      Trip Lee - Relief Música y Letra

      [Verse 1:]
      Ah what a relief it is
      To be in Christ He's the life that I need to live
      I'm in love with the fact, that some sheep are His
      What would for your own? He would bleed for His
      I heard of other Gods, but none of them are like Him
      They sit up in they paradise lamping
      But He's perfect and it's odd, cause though they would deny Him
      He came down and met His own standards
      His own commandments, and laws
      But man we are flawed, none of us could stand since the fall
      But His plan was to call, He who answered was called
      A son, when you come all your sins are dissolved
      Yep I'm in awe cause I'm sick of my sin
      But since we been bought we've forgiven through Him
      A great family, we in it's crazy
      The road that we travel is slimmer than Shady
      Ah what a relief it is
      To be in Christ, He's the life that we need to live
      What a relief it is to be in Jesus
      What a relief it is to rest in you
      [Verse 2:]
      Ah what a relief it is
      To be in Christ He's the life that I need to live
      I'm blown away when I peek at the deeds He did
      I'm quite speechless, He's more than Easter His
      Great advent destroyed the works of the demons and evil prince
      Let His deeds convince
      Seen by some as a great man who teaches sense
      And good morals, but please don't be content
      With that reading of Jesus, He was sent
      He made legions and seas repent, anyone's weak
      People are feeble, with evil bents
      Name stuff, all things they sit at the Son's feet
      The wage we earned was lethal hence
      The death He had to die, wrath satisfied
      Now believers are righteous in the legal sense
      Justified by His grace, let our deeds convince
      [Verse 3:]
      Ah what a relief it is
      To be in Christ He's the life that I need to live
      When my life ain't right, gotta peak at His
      Take notes, see what true strength and weakness is
      He lived the we couldn't, cause we rebel
      We so sinful, and we let them deeds prevail
      But even if we tried, to seek Him in our lives
      We can't, we weak and we need Him to provide
      Just look at our corruption there's a clear problem
      The raping, the robbing to God it's disgusting
      The lust and the pride can't just be covered up
      With a bunch of other stuff we must trust Him
      I praise Him that we did, some was bumping in the club
      Others was toting a pump and running with them thugs
      But look at us now we ain't running with them bloods
      If you see some red on us it's cause we covered in His blood

      Trip Lee - Relief Música y Letra





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