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      Trip Lee

      Album: 20 20

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      Trip Lee - Inexhaustible Música y Letra

      [Verse 1:]
      Hey, you crazy if you think you can grasp
      The eternal ruler who is first and is last
      Reigns in the present, and He reigned in the past
      Who is perfect and has none to learn in a class
      I seen a lot of dudes I don' think they get it
      Got a picture in our brain but the King can't fit it
      We got a lil box but the King ain't in it
      He's way too complex, don't get this thing twisted
      I could learn bout Him who's on the throne
      But like Badu He goes on and on
      I could spit a million rhymes till the song is long
      But still not have enough bars like a broken phone
      To tell all about the God of Romans known
      Through the scriptures that picture should blow your dome
      He's amazing behold Him, appraise Him He's golden
      Inexhaustible, I'm amazed just to know him
      Hey what you know about this God? He's way too great homie, I can't grasp Him
      Hey what you know about this God? He's too complex my mind can't fathom
      What you know about this God? He's amazing behold Him appraise Him He's golden
      Hey what you know about this God? He's inexhaustible, I'm amazed just to know Him
      [Verse 2:]
      For instance I just can't get this He's one but eternally exists in three
      That's crazy our minds can grip this we
      Need to realize we men so our pictures weak
      Just try to understand how he came as a man
      But remained I Am, all things in His hand
      Say what? The King was slain as the lamb
      When He came to the land that He made with His hands
      Say what? Just try to make your brain understand
      He's so big man's like a grain in the sand
      That picture's too big for a frame but my plan is to grow
      I pray my picture of the King will expand
      I could study forever and read all day
      But still wouldn't understand the King all the way
      I got a long way to go, but I'm pleased to say
      I get to live my whole life just to seek His face
      [Verse 3:]
      Hey it's not enough words in my speech to proclaim His greatness
      Not in the whole English language
      To exhaust this King, His past is blameless
      I won't stop reppin 'till His name is famous
      Among all nations, He still prevails
      Praise the Lord that He chose to reveal Himself
      When He could have just chilled and concealed Himself
      Praise the Lord that He chose to reveal Himself
      Now we can share in enjoyment, see more and more
      The glory, the beauty of the Lord of Lords
      Through Creation, or Scripture's the door to more
      Can't get it all on this Earth, there's more in store
      When we get to eternity, it'll be better
      We get to see more of the Lord forever
      A million years later, the joy is the same
      Seeing still more and exalting His name

      Trip Lee - Inexhaustible Música y Letra






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