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      Spare Parts II And Closing

      Spare Parts II And Closing

      Tom Waits

      Album: Nighthawks at the Diner

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      Tom Waits - Spare Parts II And Closing Música y Letra

      I want to thank you all very much for coming this evening. It really made my
      night. It would have been real strange here if nobody would have showed up
      I'd like to introduce my group this evening and it's been a real preasure
      A preasure and a plivilege to work with these gentlemen
      I'd like to introduce
      Please give a warm round of applause for Michael Melvoin on piano!
      On saxophone, Pete Christlieb
      On bass, Jim Hughart
      And on drums, Bill Goodwin
      They all come from good families, but over the years they just
      Kind of individually developed some ways about them that just aren't right
      You know
      I was real pleased
      I noticed everybody coming in this evening you're all
      Decked out in full regalia and everything and I appreciate you getting
      Dressed up for an affair such as this. You know, I think it's something that
      I've always tried to be as concerned about as possible and somebody said
      To me one day 'Christ, Waits! You look so goddamned raggedy, why don't you get
      Yourself something to wear, you know?'
      I said, 'Yeah well, not a bad idea' Maybe a serious seersucker saturday
      evening cranberry accoutrement ensemble would be nice. So I went down to
      Zeider & Zeider and I said, 'I want something sharp!' I said, 'I'm kind of in the
      market, in the neighborhood of something like maybe some green gabardines
      with bonnaroo britches. And a leviticously deuteronomous sort of catastrophic
      lunchbox Stetson, you know. I'd like to get some danger high-voltage
      slacks, with high top, mid-noon, brushed suede penny loafers, so I can be
      passing out wolf tickets regardless of where I go.' Walk into the Twenty-Grand
      Club... And the Soul & Inspirations are playing Yeah, and you're cutting a
      rug and pulling on a coat and emoting. Band is kicking into some long
      version of 'Harlem Nocturne' or something You get designs on a girl in the corner
      You say, 'Say baby... live around here?'
      Yeah... I think I'm gonna plant you now and I'm gonna dig you later
      Make like a bakery truck and haul buns
      Make like a hockey player and get the puck out of here
      I gotta go see a man about a dog
      I'll see you later
      Thank you very much for coming this evening

      Tom Waits - Spare Parts II And Closing Música y Letra





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