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       These legal conditions stipulate and regulate the use of, what we called (NewMusicGospel) who provides and makes available to all persons accessing, we called (Visitor) .

      NewMusicGospel Obligations :

      1. 8| Guest NewMusicGospel secret warrants to the data provided unless requested court, reserving the right to edit and correct unlawful or false information that violate decency and good morals.

      2. 8| To preserve the right to privacy and intimacy Visitor, reserving the integrity of the Guest.

      3. 8| Maintain frequent refresh rate , visually the website itself as well as the content, so being able to offer quality service and constantly updated fresh and new. However NewMusicGospel have the power to cut the normal functioning of the website, for the purpose of updating and improving service .

      4. 8| NewMusicGospel does not host any files racist, pornographic, terrorists, xenophobic, discriminatory, any files that affects the moral sensibility that directly or indirectly promote violence.

      5. 8| All information provided by the Visitor is uniquely personal, NewMusicGospel therefore is committed to observing and ensuring confidentiality , guaranteeing the right of entry , modification and cancellation thereof, when the Visitor own wishes .

      Obligations of the Guest :

      1. 8| Use correct NewMusicGospel, preventing illicit situations that violate the correct operation of NewMusicGospel .

      2. 8| Do not insert software viruses or any other, in order to cause any damage or alteration in NewMusicGospel.

      3. 8| Upload content child, terrorist, xenophobic, racist, discriminatory, or other illegal content are strictly prohibited.

      4. 8| When prompted NewMusicGospel information and this is false, doubtful or that go against fundamental rights such as integrity, honor , personal privacy or good morals, they will be eliminated completely.

      5. 8| No Copying or similar using NewMusicGospel source code .

      6. 8| Avoid any type of behavior that is contrary to law.

      7. 8| No Handling or try to take advantage of the "copyright" .

      8. 8| It is completely prohibited to download content NewMusicGospel

      Disclaimer of NewMusicGospel

       NewMusicGospel assumes no responsibility for the accuracy, completeness or accuracy of the content on this site categorized. Are excluded from all liability claims relating to material or intellectual damages due to the use of the information provided or by the use of erroneous or incomplete information , as long as there is a case of guilt by intent or gross negligence .

       NewMusicGospel hereby declares that at the time categorize content failed to recognize illegal and illicit content , also NewMusicGospel expressly disclaims any content provided on the pages linked to this site . Liability for illegal, incorrect or incomplete is the owner of the page that is linked .

       NewMusicGospel indicates that it is completely forbidden to use or reproduction of graphics , audio files , videos and texts on the website categorized .

       If any of the above point does not comply with applicable law in a particular place , all other provisions shall remain valid and enforceable.

      User Registration

       In order to use and access certain sites within NewMusicGospel, it requires a prior registration as a user (note that the record does not support NewMusicGospel Users under 13 years) NewMusicGospel reserves the right to verify all information provided by Users after this make your registration on our website, checking purposes or modify these data questionable or illegal causes .

       NewMusicGospel warns that some registrations that violate the guidelines above will be removed.

       Each Member is responsible for the operation of your account within NewMusicGospel , thus being solely responsible for the use and confidentiality of your password , so any doubt about the security of your password, you must change it immediately .

       The user is committed to properly use NewMusicGospel , therefore the following behaviors :

      1. 1| Do not enter content that violates intellectual property rights , copyright, illegal activities or contrary to good faith and public order .

      2. 2| No comment , insulting , discriminatory , racist , xenophobic , pornographic or cause damage to other users.

      3. 3| No Up and disseminate propaganda content with other pages or xenophobic , racist , pornographic , terrorist or prejudicial to the other users.

      4. 4| Do not impersonate identity , provide dubious information , false or belong to other people .

      5. 5| No damage to NewMusicGospel operation .

      6. 6| Do not give the user account to another person or entity .

      7. 7| No disseminate or deliver viruses .

      8. 8| Bypass , manipulate or suppress all NewMusicGospel security measures .

      Regarding Intellectual Property

       It should be noted that both sides Visitor and NewMusicGospel images, graphics, designs, source code, logos, and other elements of the site are legitimate property of NewMusicGospel except audio content.

       The content provided by NewMusicGospel is purely for personal use and teaching , is totally prohibited the partial or full, if you want to get the audio featured on this site can purchase them on their sites authorized.

       As seen above, the Visitor who enters NewMusicGospel can not transform, imitate and record in any entity , you can not reproduce, license, assign or exercise rights of ownership, either directly or through third parties, and it also can create derived by using the contents and NewMusicGospel elements .

       NewMusicGospel can be categorized as third party content and intent is always to respect copyright and copyright law , if there is something wrong about before any content categorized into NewMusicGospel , can be contacted directly through consensus after the content will be removed immediately and completely.

      Legal Version

       Currently NewMusicGospel is governed by this legal notice last update 01/10/2013 , bearing in mind that any changes or updates to the same will be published openly in NewMusicGospel .

       If you have any questions regarding this disclaimer, please contact us at: .



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