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      Inside Look

      Inside Look

      Russ Taff

      Album: Walls Of Glass

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      Russ Taff - Inside Look Música y Letra

      He had such good intentions
      High finance dreams
      Gonna build the kingdom
      Doing his gospel thing
      Now he's learning to talk
      A real good game
      He knows all the right cliches
      But good intentions don't get his quota inside
      When did it start to change?
      Compromise for the dollar's sake?
      Have you really taken an inside look?
      Are you hearing what your actions say?
      Have you really taken an inside look?
      Do you think that God would do it that way?
      Now he sits behind a big oak desk
      And he's talking on the phone
      Spinning wheels, making deals
      Just see how far he's come
      He says he hasn't really changed
      It's all for the sake of the dream
      Just doing what he has to do
      The end justifies the means
      Cause when push comes to shove
      You better look out for number one
      Repeat Chorus
      Oh Lord, don't let us waste our lives
      Trying to build self-serving dreams
      Religious schemes
      And Lord, don't let us fool ourselves
      Hiding what we really mean
      Lord, help us see integrity

      Russ Taff - Inside Look Música y Letra





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