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      Karen Clark Sheard

      Album: The Heavens Are Telling

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      Karen Clark Sheard - Sometimes Música y Letra

      Sometimes heaven seems so far away,
      With all that you're going through everyday,
      From being tempted to resented and you need direction.
      Sometimes heaven seems so far away,
      With all of the money spent that you make,
      But the righteous won't be forsaken,
      You just keep on pressin'.
      [Verse 1:]
      I might get personal so protect your toes,
      'cause I feel I need to let my heel down (heel down).
      For we do all that we can to (treat our neighbor right), 
      But sometimes we wanna (scream).
      We try to turn the other cheek and stay on our knees 
      And keep our tempers under control (control), 
      But you know (that every now and then) 
      You wanna tell somebody what they mean.
      [Verse 2:]
      Working that job so hard from dusk to dawn
      To keep a decent roof over head (your head),
      But your debt is ever growing, (even working overtime),
      But sometimes you wanna (scream).
      But God knows the pain is there 
      And how much we can bear, 
      We didn't come this far to be left alone,
      (that's why we gotta) be strong 
      (for the prayers of the righteous) will availeth many things.
      For the trials that we see 
      Are here to (make us stronger).
      Grab onto His hand 
      (and live in fear no longer).
      Like a tree planted by the rivers of water,
      (we shall not be moved);
      (stand strong in your service)
      And your eyes will be dried (in the morning).

      Karen Clark Sheard - Sometimes Música y Letra





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