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      Karen Clark Sheard

      Album: All In One

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      Karen Clark Sheard - Good Música y Letra

      Come fame or fortune or the battle portion
      Lord you are the source of everything I have.
      Mercy given.. grace extended
      A second chance at life that I never had.
      People love me from what you gave me
      Wonderfully and fearfully you made me
      Marvelous are thou works in us
      Thank you for the substance you've instilled in me.
      If I could write a letter no one could word it better
      than words from my heart using ink of love,
      If I could direct a movie I would tell the story
      if the favor that you've given to me.
      Lord you've been good, good, good.
      Lord you've been good, good, good.
      Lord you've been better to me than anyone else
      Better than I could be to myself
      Lord you've been good, good, good.
      From the planes I fly, to the tears I cry
      Lord you are my peace from a hill on high.
      Joy and sorrow, hope for tomorrow.
      Lord continue to lead and I will follow.
      The things you've done you did not have to do.
      Like making my enemies a footstool.
      come rain or shine, you're on my mind.
      And for being there all the time..
      Oh taste and see..
      Oh taste and see that the Lord is good.
      Oh blessed is the man that trusts in Him and fears the Lord
      and wants no more. 
      God I promise to keep my tongue from speaking negativity.
      And seek peace all of my days.
      And keep from evil ways that I might not stray from you GOOD

      Karen Clark Sheard - Good Música y Letra





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