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      Deitrick Haddon

      Album: Chain Breaker

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      Deitrick Haddon - Chosen Música y Letra

      It's coming, coming, I can feel it coming
      I saw it in a vision, I could see the people running
      From the North, South, West and the East
      Standing in line to get the mark of the beast
      Many are called, but there's a chosez few
      I must remind myself I got a work to do
      Go get your work clothes boys and girls
      'Cause you've been chosen to save the world
      [Verse 1]
      Children, we are running out of time, just look up to the sky
      your redemption draweth nigh
      We must be 'bout our father's business, every day you wait
      Time is passing you by.
      [Repeat Chorus]
      Many are called but few are chosen, chosen, chosen
      To save the world
      [Verse 2]
      You were born to be a deliverer, save a nation from sin
      Don't be like your brother sampson
      Throw away your calling for pleasures of sin
      Got a lot of people to tell, O gpt tp save a
      generation from going to hell
      Those of you that's running from your calling
      Stalling at night booty calling
      What you're doing won't last forever
      While you're still alive, better get it together
      the devils got a hit on you
      It's all because you've been chosen to save the world
      Save the world.

      Deitrick Haddon - Chosen Música y Letra





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