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      One Time

      One Time

      Charlie Wilson

      Album: Uncle Charlie

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      Charlie Wilson - One Time Música y Letra

      [Verse 1:]
      Baby I know you love me 
      Even though you got your own way that you show it 
      oooh baby 
      You gotta trust me 
      Sometimes it ain't enough to know it 
      I need to feel it 
      I need to breathe it 
      I need you to need it, like I need it 
      I need us to be 
      Like I see, ooh I want ya heart 
      And not just a little bit 
      Ooh right now I want you all 
      One Time 
      I wanna feel the passion 
      The pleasure 
      And all that I dream of 
      One Time 
      Im tired of all the guessing 
      I just want to know that I am loved 
      One Time 
      I wanna feel specially needed 
      One Time 
      Want you to say something and mean it 
      One Time 
      It ain't a whole lot to ask 
      So can you do it one time 
      Do it one time 
      [Verse 2:]
      Don't tell it to the others 
      Bring it to your best friend 
      I'm not just you lover 
      Wanna feel like I'm not harassing 
      When I need simple answer 
      To the question that I'm asking 
      This ain't acting 
      You're the best 
      Long as you're here I'm blessed 
      Ain't trying to cause you no stress 
      I just need a little 
      C'mon baby now you know me 
      So what you need to do is get up on ya grind 
      Keep me on ya mind 
      Day and night 
      [Repeat Chorus]
      Baby save me 
      Don't let me be afraid 
      That this love could slip away 
      One Time 
      Baby don't lie to me 
      Don't say that you gone do it 
      And then really not gone do it 
      One time I wanna do 
      Something we've never done 
      Let's turn our back on two 
      And try to work as one 
      One time, one time, one time, one time, one time 
      One time, one time, one time, one time, one time 
      [Repeat Chorus 2x]

      Charlie Wilson - One Time Música y Letra





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