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      Big Pimpin' (Feat. Nate Dogg And Snoop Dogg)

      Big Pimpin' (Feat. Nate Dogg And Snoop Dogg)

      Charlie Wilson

      Album: Bridging The Gap

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      Charlie Wilson - Big Pimpin' (Feat. Nate Dogg And Snoop Dogg) Música y Letra

      Woke up one morning out some bomb ass cock
      My dick kinda limp so I cruise around the block
      Call my cousin snoop as I swoop in the coupe
      Stop by my homey dru house to puff on the loop
      Seen my little homey style who I ain't seen in a while
      Damn near gone, floating on cloud one-nine
      Liquor sto', so I grab some mixed gin and juice
      Got a quarter pound of bud so I'm fucked up two
      Seven, eight, nine ten eleven twelve
      Bailed back in the crib (for what?) because I'm all-in
      Conversated then I dug the hoe out
      I fixed me some food, then go the hell out
      Two a.m. on the dizot, I pause and I stizop
      I reminisce on that ass that I rizocked
      Now I'm high as a kite
      Yeah, and I'm feeling alright
      Four a.m. as I stoll back to my crib
      To see what's with my woman and my newborn kid
      [Snoop Doggy Dogg]
      With my mind on my money and my money on my mind
      We do this everyday about the same time, beyotch!
      [Nate Dogg]
      I was at the park one day, that's when I saw her face
      She looked kind of cavi to me
      But when I take her home, and tap that ass I'm gone
      I'm just a dog don't blame me
      [Snoop Doggy Dogg]
      Now do I love them hoes? (hell naw!)
      And why is that? (because you're snoop doggy dogg!)
      (and you never gave a fuck about a bitch;
      Cause to you, bitches ain't shit but hoes and tricks)
      Ha hah, dee dee dadi dadi dah
      Listen to the sounds from my nigga doggy dogg
      Sliding through the city in the rag six-fo'
      Hopping like a motherfucker trying to find a hoe
      Hitting all the spots but I'm coming up blank
      I'm headed to the liquor store to get myself some drank
      Parks my ride as I, steps inside, as I
      Puts my nine double-m to my side, as I
      Continue with my mission
      Pussy is my dish and I'm fishing, wishing
      Upon a star, to come up on some ends
      But she caviar, and I let her bet her pussy
      So I can get my pimp on
      Cause my pen gets my pimp on from g to ozone
      [Big Pimpin]
      I have pimped my pen, on cold Michigan nights
      And the bitch didn't freeze up on me, when I wanted her to write it
      I have pimped my pen in the hot California sun
      And the bitch didn't drip, smell, or run
      As she turned the trick pages, from loose leaf to zig-zags
      I have pimped my pen and she is number one in my stable
      For I have yet not got a refill, for her
      I love her that's why she keeps, performing for me
      I have pimped my pen, and she is number one, in my stable
      Pleasure, is the treasure that the girl sells all day
      Pleasure is the reason that she brings daddy his cash
      Dedicated the hoe, dedicate for sure
      Dripping willows on satin pillows
      Love is being checked, from a hoe
      Dead presidents still getting their fuck on
      I'm so happy because ain't nothing like a lollipop
      That gets sucked, all day long
      A tangy, little candy drop
      I love it when she brings me the pay
      Dedicated like everyday, to the sunshine
      Yeah my hoe brings me mine
      For like she says she does
      And I believed her when I accept it
      Yeah I got pimp bones in my body
      And I rock them, like la-di-da-di
      I rock them, mighty hardy, like la-di-da-di
      I got pimp bones in my body

      Charlie Wilson - Big Pimpin' (Feat. Nate Dogg And Snoop Dogg) Música y Letra





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