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      Bus Named Desire

      Bus Named Desire

      Ashley Cleveland

      Album: Bus Named Desire

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      Ashley Cleveland - Bus Named Desire Música y Letra

      Big dream girl in a party town
      In the quarter where the Mardi Gras mask
      Don't let down
      Living in a one room dump with an alcoholic mother
      Over the souvenir shop
      That she ran for her brother
      And when the stench of bourbon street
      Took her breath away
      And her hopes lay uninspired
      She would close up shop and take the rest of the day
      Riding a bus named desire
      To the end of the line and back again
      Dreaming away the rut she was in
      Ready to risk, ready to give
      Ready to love, ready to live
      She said "From the back side of the big easy
      Looking ahead only makes you feel tired
      But i can dream of an undiluted destiny
      Riding a bus named desire"
      And off she goes
      She said "I may not have the talent
      That the life I want to lead requires
      But I have a will & I'll learn a skill
      I can go a long way on desire
      I can go a long way"
      One day here, the next day gone
      Taking the leave she'd been planning on
      Maybe New York, maybe L.A., maybe Montana
      She never did say
      She kept her vision to herself
      And took off on an American Flyer
      And she ain't been back but some folks say
      She's been riding a bus named desire
      Riding a bus named desire

      Ashley Cleveland - Bus Named Desire Música y Letra





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