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      Maybe I'm A Fool

      Maybe I'm A Fool

      Aretha Franklin

      Album: Aretha Sings The Blues

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      Aretha Franklin - Maybe I'm A Fool Música y Letra

      Maybe I'm a fool
      For loving you so
      And maybe
      Maybe I'm a fool
      I don't, I don't really know
      But I can't
      I can't stop loving you
      Darling, oh yes
      Though I tried, oh yes
      And maybe
      Maybe your goodbye was so mean
      So mean and unfair
      Though you made me cry
      My love's still there
      And I know, I know
      That I'll long for your kisses, oh
      Until I die
      Oh yes, until I die
      Well, I said all of my friends
      All of my friends have told me
      They said
      "Aretha, why don't you find
      You really need to find
      Somebody new"
      Yeah, oooh yeah
      But what they don't know
      What they just don't know
      Is in my heart
      I'd missing, oh
      That that someone was you
      So, oh, it's all for you to decide
      If you should decide
      To trap me once more
      All you got to do
      All you got to do is knock on my door
      And I'll say
      I'll say that I've taken you back
      Yeah, taking you back would be folish
      Then maybe, oh, maybe I'm a fool
      Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!
      Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!

      Aretha Franklin - Maybe I'm A Fool Música y Letra






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