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      There's No Way

      There's No Way

      Al Green

      Album: Full Of Fire

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      Al Green - There's No Way Música y Letra

      There's no way
      There's just no way
      I could leave your love behind
      If I could live my life all over, I'd do everything the same
      The film in my camera would reveal everything the same
      Like kissin' you every mornin', lovin' you day by day
      Dreaming dreams of you and every old way will
      When the sun peeps through my window
      I'll have you on my mind
      There's no way, there's no way
      To leave your love behind
      When you hair turns to silver and I'm old and gray
      I'll keep on lovin' you, yeah, the same old way
      When you come to the end of your journey
      If I'm lucky enough to be around
      I'll hold your picture to my chest
      But tears will be still falling down, yeah
      I'll keep you in my memory for the rest of my days
      There's no way, there's no way to leave your love behind
      Oh, behind, yeah
      If I could walk through the garden again, you'd be the flower I pick
      The episode of our love would give my heart a kick, yeah
      If I could take the song from the top, one more time
      I would sing the same old lines, yeah
      I'll tell you there's just no way, no, no
      There's no way to leave your love behind, behind
      Oh, no, I can't leave it behind, oh
      I can leave behind
      Can't leave love, no
      There's just no way
      There's no way, no
      It's still no

      Al Green - There's No Way Música y Letra






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